Savage Mas Carnival

Savage Mas Carnival

On D’ Road

Be extremely careful around all parade vehicles i.e. music trucks, bar trucks, etc.

Drink responsibly.

Do not drink and drive. Designate a Driver.

Drink lots of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Sun block is your savior, use it well, and take it with you to re-apply as often as necessary.

Use Chapstick or Lip Balm.

Sunglasses always come in handy.

Leave your valuables at home e.g. expensive jewelry.

Only carry necessary cash on you e.g. “vex money”

Always wear your pouch to the front.

Always move around in groups.

Cut all toenails before taking to the road.
Wear comfortable sneakers.
We suggest you wear a ½ size bigger than what you would normally wear, so you can ‘chip’ to the music all day long.

Arrange a specific meeting point with your friends within the band in case you get lost. e.g the right side of the music truck. Remember, there are thousands of masqueraders in costume, and you may get separated at least once.

Do not accept drinks from strangers. Drinks are available from Savage Mas Bars.

Be sure not to mix medication with alcohol.